Corporate Profile of Stone World Marketing Pte. Ltd.

Since incorporation, the management has positioned Stone World as an up-coming company, offering a wide range of services in the supply of exotic stones (marble and granite), mosaics and tiles. Stone World also supplies a wide spectrum of products for the protection, restoration and maintenance of all stone surfaces before and after installation.



As the Construction Industry becomes more complex with stricter materials requirements by Developers and Constructors, greater emphasis is placed on quality assurance. Stone World is one of the few young S.M.E. building materials company who places strong emphasis on quality checks by the management before the materials are shipped out from the Source Factories.


Stone World is equally committed to quality control and time / cost savings with minimal site problems by working closely with established Factories in China, Spain and Italy.


Building Advancement

Built on a vision of technological process and strong customer relationship, Stone World, in the pursuit of excellence, is working towards establishing the SW – Quality Control System (Dry Lay) in Xiamen, China.